My personal hunting tips


You can never know too much about hunting. That’s why I decided to put together a list of my advice for all hunters out there, beginners and experts alike, maybe you can find out something that you didn’t know already. Some of the tips are related to how to find the right gear, while others will reveal what makes a successful hunting trip.

A no-brainer when it comes to catching your prey effortlessly is silence. All conversations should stop once you’ve started hunting, and more importantly, even your moves should be as silent as possible. That’s why it is essential that you wear clothes specially made for hunters and shy prey.

A piece of advice closely related to the previous one is to move as slowly as possible. Not only it will help you be stealthy and silent, but it will also prevent your catch from spotting you and running away. And try to stand still for as long as possible, even if your prey is moving away from you. This is something that you will get better at in time.

Something that was a big problem for me as a beginner was giving the killing blow. I am a bowhunter by definition, but as a young man, I always had panic attacks before delivering the killing arrow.

But it got better in time, as I figured out that if my hands are shaky, the accuracy of the shot would suffer. Shooting straight is also a problem when you are sitting in weird positions. A trick is to try to relax your upper body, and heavily rely on your legs to take all the load so you can use your arms to maneuver the hunting tool. This technique is something that has enabled me to collect dozens of hunting trophies over the years.

Another tip that I’m quite mad it isn’t more popular is the use of binoculars. Buying a premium model from Amazon has transformed the way I hunt. It allows me to find my catch from miles away, without it spotting me. My model also comes with night vision, which made me happy when I went night hunting in Africa for the first time.

Furthermore, never rush to make a decision. I know it’s hard to help yourself when the target enters your field of vision, but that’s not how you win this game. So take your time, let the prey approach you until you can find the right position for you to fire your arm or shoot the bow and arrow comfortably. If you follow all of this tips and tricks I’ve learned the hard way, you should have no problem decorating that fireplace in the near future.