How to get the perfect four-wheeler cover


An ATV is the perfect vehicle to drive around and outside the city, during your holidays, on weekends or for the good-old daily commuting to work. They’re versatile, and you shouldn’t expect to pay a lot for a new model. You could also use them in various terrains without a problem.

So, no matter if you wish to enjoy some plain countryside fun or explore a new beach over the weekend, an ATV is the perfect solution for you.

But how do you properly look after your vehicle? Read below to find everything you need to know about four-wheeler covers and how to find the perfect one for your ATV.

Check out the size

The most important feature you need to look for in a good vehicle cover is the proper size. We suggest you carefully measure your ATV to know exactly the size you need to order. As a general rule, the cover should be a few inches larger than your vehicle to allow enough space to stretch and cover all the parts of your ATV.

A smaller cover might leave some parts in the open and, thus, not offer the perfect protection, while a cover that is too big might become saggy and hard to put over your vehicle.


Indoor or outdoor covers?

Depending on where you decide to store your ATV whenever you are not using it, you probably want to buy a cover made of a specific material. We recommend nylon or cotton for indoor use as these materials will protect your vehicle from dust, debris, scratches, insects or mold.

If you plan on keeping your ATV outside, you should probably opt for thicker, stronger fabrics that are resistant to water and wind. Microfiber, PVC, and Tyvek are all great options, but you can also choose reinforced canvas, a piece of fabric that is mainly used to manufacture tents.


Seasonal protection

Different seasons and temperatures require different types of materials used for your ATV cover, so keep that in mind next time you’re shopping. Certain fabrics are perfect for protecting your vehicle against dust, debris, and mold but might tear in time because of heavy winds or low temperatures.

For instance, PVC is excellent if you live in a humid environment with heavy rains or snow falls during the cold seasons. However, PVC is not UV resistant, so you might have to reconsider your choice if you’re looking for a summer four-wheeler cover.

Tyvek and reinforced canvas are the perfect year-round options as they are breathable and highly resistant to harmful UV rays or water. They also come in a variety of colors, patterns, and designs, so you can choose the right product according to your personality.  


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