UTV and ATV safety during the hunting season


Over the last decade, hunters have started to notice the big advantage that utilizing an ATV or UTV brings to their outdoor activities. During the hunting season, these vehicles are responsible for creating fast and easy access to concealed areas where wild animals live. Plus, they can make a difference in terms of retrieving the game.

Even though hunting with the help of a UTV or ATV might come in handy, there are certain hazards you need to be aware of. Under no circumstance forget about safety when riding the terrain vehicle in your hunting adventures.

Hunters are known for taking care of their firearms and bows prior to going hunting. Every piece of equipment is meticulously checked. So, ATVs or UTVs should undergo the same treatment before heading out the outdoors. It’s important to avoid situations when you’re stranded miles out in the middle of nowhere.



No matter your skill level, operating this sort of unit can be quite dangerous if you don’t obey some mandatory rules.

The first major aspect you need to consider is wearing proper ATV equipment. If you don’t invest in special clothing items that protect your body you might end up suffering injuries in case of an accident. Things such as goggles, helmet, over-the-ankle boots, and gloves are a must when driving an ATV or UTV.

Try to get recognizable ‘hunter orange’ clothes that can be seen by other people when you’re in the woods. Also, make sure that the equipment is in proper care, put on safety mode and pointed away from your body.

Since, during the hunting season, woods get more and more congested, you might notice that you don’t meet other drivers. Nevertheless, always be alert because you never know when another ATV or pedestrian comes in your path and you must be prepared to avoid a collision.  

On top of this, you should be aware that bears and many other wild animals are quite active during the fall months because they seek food. Bears are the most dangerous ones during that time because they need supplies before engaging in hibernation. So, if you want to be certain you and your ATV remain intact, proceed with care and keep your eyes open because hitting a large animal can be crucial.

Furthermore, if you don’t obey the instructions and you have too many people on board of your vehicle, you risk a fatal outcome for your hunting journey.

Aside from this issues, don’t forget to perform a full inspection of your ATV or UTV. Don’t overlook the oil and gas levels, lights, tire pressure, and breaks. Moreover, check the registration of your vehicle and ensure it’s up to date. Also, on the back of the ATV must be a visible license plate.


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